Myofascial Trigger Points

MTPs are regions of "hyper-irritable" muscle fibers which have been displaced from there proper orientation producing a nodule which can be easily identified through manual palpation. As a result, you can liken this to that of a "muscle knot" which typically presents itself with or without pain. Quite commonly you may have the accompaniment of nerve entrapment which will create another headache (literally) for the involved person.

Regions of MTPs will result with hypoxic/ ischemic type conditions with the accumulation of metabolic waste products i.e. lactate. Not only will circulation be retarded, over time muscle atrophy will occur and eventually this will lower the overally strength threshold of the involved tissues hence leading to injury. Injured soft tissue can be detrimental especially when scar tissue is produced and often one will experience that of a chornic condition (or in layman's terms - a constant, nagging pain). Not at all pleasant. To learn how to treat MTPs then click here.